I just realized that last episode title ”Taking this one to the grave” is a lyric of the TV show. And then the song says: ‘'Cause two can keep a secret/ If one of them is dead”. It says TWO. Well, I know it’s just a common phrase but it would make even more sense if Bethany is Alison’s twin or something like that. Oh my god, the twin theory could be real. 

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im only 17 and ive already had like 3 mid-life crises

Finally, Disney made Frozen. A movie where girls kick asses and don’t wait  for a handsome prince to come and save them. And then I see so much people saying:”That’s so sad that Elsa hasn’t found love”. I mean, she’s a smart queen, she’s stunning beautiful, she holds strong powers in her hands and she has a sister and a country who love her but you say that her life won’t be fullfilled without a Prince Charming. C’mon guys: are kidding me or you just misunderstood the whole movie?

Do you ever feel like you’re just battling yourself?Fighting your thoughts is always the hardest.

Matter of the fact, shadows are what gives things a depth.


E siamo Israele e la Palestina: ancora a farci la guerra per non dire che siamo uno parte dell’altro.


hardly working at the moment, I am just proving them right.