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Just give a look at this:

Aria in The First Secret:image

And just for the record, Disney’s queen of hearts wears a red and black dress, too:image


Ok, all Aria is A theories are evil and addicting, but I read that Marlene tweeted that none of the Liars is A (”Rosewood isn’t that twisted”) so what if Mona was just obsessed by Aria? 

- in a flashback from the ”Pilot”, Ali and Aria are running away from Mona chasing them

- it’s confirmed that the original A was Mona, texting to Alison (so A for Alison doesn’t make sense), maybe she choose -A because of Aria’s nickname, because it could stand for anonymous, too: image


- Mona could easily know Aria’s handwriting as they are schoolmates image

- Mona had a relationship with Noel and Jason (Aria’s former crushes) and Mike (Aria’s brother)

- the Toffee thingimage

- the first liar to receive a text was Aria, and everything (re)started when she got back

- in the first two season A (assumed Mona) affected Aria’s relationship with Ezra, whilst without Mona as team leader  they lasted for a entire season

- Mona is obsessed with same dolls we can see in Aria’s room

- the only other Liar who went visiting Mona at Radley was Aria

I know this is crazy. Pll drives me nuts.

Anonymous asked:
or maybe its because there were two people in monas house? im not really sure omg

Yeah! The whole Mona thing makes no sense: I mean even if it was Alison’s twin why we saw tears in her eyes? I’m sure authors are making a fool of us

É che certe cose uno, per stare sereno, non dovrebbe proprio saperlo che esistono: tipo la birra dopo gli esami, e le corse in macchina, tipo i barattoli di Nutella formato famiglia, tipo le sigarette post-scopata, e la tv spazzatura alle tre del pomeriggio, tipo la pizza a colazione, e le serie TV in streaming, e il tuo sorriso.

I just realized that last episode title ”Taking this one to the grave” is a lyric of the TV show. And then the song says: ‘'Cause two can keep a secret/ If one of them is dead”. It says TWO. Well, I know it’s just a common phrase but it would make even more sense if Bethany is Alison’s twin or something like that. Oh my god, the twin theory could be real. 

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